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Student Laptop Loaner Program

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  • By The MiTech Team
Student Laptop Loaner Program

There are many benefits to buying from MiTech - but one of the biggest benefits for students is our Laptop Loaner Program. If you purchase your computer from MiTech and are enrolled in the program and your computer needs repair, you won't go without. We have loaner laptops ready to go so you have the needed tech for your next class, test or assignment!

Long story short - when you buy your laptop from us and buy an extended warranty too, you are eligible to join the Laptop Loaner Program for a nominal fee.  This entitles you to free in-store support for your device.  If your laptop requires a repair, we loan you a laptop of ours until yours is fixed.  That way, you are never without your needed technology! 

For more information on the program, click here: https://mitech-miami-university.shoplightspeed.com/service/student-laptop-loaner-program/