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Do any academic programs or majors recommend a specific laptop model?

Some academic programs/majors recommend or require a specific platform (Windows or Mac) or specific advanced features (Example: Graphic Design recommends a laptop with a video card with more video RAM for graphics-intensive applications) in order to meet academic program needs. Please review the academic recommendations section here:

I understand that the Farmer School of Business recommends a Dell laptop, but I prefer a Mac. Can I purchase a Mac through the Student Laptop Program?

Yes, the choice is yours. You can purchase any laptop model you like. Miami simply wants to be sure that you take the academic recommendation into account before purchasing. It is estimated that approximately 50% of business school students use a Mac. If you are a business student and purchase a Mac, you may need to install additional software onto your Apple laptop.

Is the Student Laptop Program a rental or lease program?

No, when you purchase a laptop from the Student Laptop Program, the laptop is your property. It is similar to buying from an Apple store or Dell online. The Student Laptop Program allows for additional and discounted services through MiTech in the event that your device requires technical support. Please contact a MiTech associate for further detail.

Can I use an iPad or netbook instead of a laptop?

These devices are great accessories for a laptop and provide a new kind of mobility. However, a laptop is still necessary to succeed and perform many essential computing tasks that these other devices do not yet provide.

What about theft?

Mobility comes with the inherent danger of theft or loss. A few simple precautions can greatly reduce the chances of theft:

Treat your laptop like your wallet or purse and keep it close to you at all times when you are carrying it around campus.

We strongly encourage parents speak with their insurance agent about options for enhancing coverage of your student's laptop under your homeowners or other personal property policy. You can often significantly reduce the deductible for a small additional yearly fee.

What about accidental damage, such as drops and spills?

Dell laptops purchased in the Student laptop program come with a premium or pro support warranty, which covers these types of accidental damage. Accidental damage coverage from Dell is limited to one incident per year.

Apple laptops can be purchased with the Applecare+ warranty, which covers accidental damage, but does have a deductible. Warranty coverage is limited to two instances in a 12 month periord. However, normal wear and tear and consumable parts, like batteries, are not covered by the warranty.

Am I at a disadvantage if I don't purchase a laptop from the program?

The Student Laptop program includes ongoing support services and access to a loaner computer if needed. Students with non-Miami Notebook computers may find that some desired services are not available or require an additional fee.

What do I do if my laptop needs repair while I am on campus?

Visit the MiTech Store in the Shriver Center.  We have staff ready to diagnose your problem!

What if repairs are necessary when I am away from campus on a break?

Your laptop is covered by a national warranty. Dell and Apple will honor your warranty anywhere in the U.S. If you are away from campus, you can contact Dell or Apple to receive warranty service and support.

Can I check out a Loaner Laptop while I am away from campus or on a break?

Loaner Laptops through the MiTech Laptop Loaner Program are available to check out during the academic calendar year and during the J-Term period. During the Winter and Sumer break periods, we will recall Loaner Equipment for regular maintenance and inventory. Please contact a MiTech associate for further details.

Are there financing options available to assist with the purchase of a laptop?

First Miami Student & Alumni Federal Credit Union offers services to all of its members including computer loans. Membership is available to incoming students as well as currently enrolled students. For information about membership and services, please visit the First Miami web site. Additionally, you may pay by credit card (online or in the MiTech Campus Store). Technology purchases cannot be placed on your Bursar account.